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Oil Services

FIC, as the Islands longest established provider of vital services can provide a comprehensive range of support services to the oil and gas industry.

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From home extensions to purpose built executive homes, warehousing and offices, FIC’s Falkland Building Services addresses all your construction needs.

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With an unmatched land bank and the largest high quality property portfolio in the Falklands, we are confident we can meet all your property requirements.

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The Islands’ only authorised Land Rover dealership and the largest supplier of 4x4 and commercial vehicles for sale, lease or hire.

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Shipping and Logistics

We have been supplying the Islands with their vital requirements for over 160 years.

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Retail and Wholesale

Fresh Meat and Vegetables, Groceries, Clothing, Electrical goods, Home Furnishing, Toys, Gifts, DIY & Building Materials are just a small part of what we supply.

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In Focus

Travel and Tourism

Flights to and from the UK, Island hopping, airport pickups, Town tours or trips to see the penguin beaches and Falklands battlefields, We can take care of it all.

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In Focus


The Insurance specialist in the Falkland Islands. Meeting all your domestic and business insurance needs for over 160 years.

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Tours and Activities - Penguin Travel

Learning about the history of Stanley on a vintage double decker London Bus, or enjoy the off-road safari on a visit to the 1,200 penguins at Volunteer Point.
Penguin Travel
Why not visit the penguins or an historical site when you are in the Falklands?

On our fun-filled adventures, you can visit a colony of Gentoo penguins at the Gentoo penguin rookery. Or on the North Pond Penguin Tour, you can travel from Stanley, through the remnants of the 1982 conflict with Argentina, including Chinook and Puma helicopters to the Gentoo and Magellanic penguins on the north coast of East Falkland. The endemic Falkland Flightless Steamer duck, upland geese and the strange looking turkey also inhabit these shores, and Peale’s dolphins regularly play in the surf.

At Penguin Travel, we offer a variety of onshore and offshore excursion all led by our expert guides, whose knowledge and enthusiasm will ensure you have an unforgettable experience. For further information on the tours below and others, visit our Penguin Travel website. www.penguintravel-falklands.com.

  • Stanley City Highlights
  • Gypsy Cove Nature Trail
  • Battlefield Tours
  • North Pond Penguin Tours
  • Bluff Cove Penguin Tours
  • London Vintage Double Decker City Tours
  • Kidney islands
  • North Falkland Safari
  • Walking Tours of the Capital
  • Volunteer Point
  • Cape Pembroke Wildlife
  • Southern Elephant Seal Safari

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Flights to and from the UK , Island hopping, airport pickups, Town tours or trips to see the penguin beaches and Falklands battlefields, FIC Travel can take care of it.

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